Ingredient Substitutions

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A allspice 1-tsp 1/2-tsp cinnamon + 1/2-tsp ground cloves
anchovies 1-fillet 1/2-tsp anchovy paste
anise 1-tsp 1-tsp cardamom
anise extract 1-tsp 1 1/2-tsp ground anise seed
or 1/2-tsp anise powder
apple pie spice 1-tsp 1/2-tsp cinnamon, 1/4-tsp nutmeg, 1/8-tsp cardamom
arrowroot 1-tbsp 2-tbsp all purpose flour or 1-tbsp cornstarch More than just sausage recipes!

B baking powder 1-tsp 1/2-tsp cream of tarter + 1/4-tsp baking soda
bay leaf 1-whole 1/4-tsp crushed
dry bread crumbs 1/3-cup 1-slice dry
soft bread crumbs 3/4-cup 1-slice soft
butter 1-cup 1-cup margarine-don't use spreads or low-fat butter in baking
buttermilk 1-cup 1-cup milk + 1-tbsp white vinegar or lemon juice

C Cajun spice 1-tbsp 1/2-tsp white pepper, + 1/2-tsp garlic powder, + 1/2-tsp onion powder, + 1/2-tsp ground red pepper, + 1/2-tsp paprika, + 1/2-tsp black pepper
cardamom 1-tsp 1-tsp anise
catsup 1-cup 1-cup tomato sauce + 1/2-cup sugar + 2-tbsp vinegar
chervil 1-tsp 1-tsp dried parsley flakes + 1/8-tsp dried sage
chives-chopped 2-tsp 2-tsp green onions, chopped
chocolate, unsweetened 1-square (1oz) 3-tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder + 1-tbsp butter or margarine
cinnamon sugar 1-cup 1-cup sugar + 4-tsp cinnamon
corn syrup 1-cup 1-cup honey
cornstarch 1-cup 2-tbsp all-purpose flour or 2-tsp arrowroot
cream (heavy) whipped 1-cup 2-cups whipped dessert topping
cream of tarter 1/2-tsp 1 1/2-tsp lemon juice or vinegar

D dill head (fresh) 1-head 1-tsp dill seed

F flour, cake 1-cup 1-cup minus 2-tbsp all-purpose flour
flour, as thickener 1-tbsp 1/2-tbsp arrowroot or cornstarch, or 1-tbsp quick tapioca
flour, self-rising 1-cup 1-cup all-purpose flour + 1 1/2-tsp baking powder + 1/2-tsp salt

G garlic (fresh) 1-small clove 1/8-tsp powder
garlic salt 3/4-tsp 1-med sized clove, or 1/2-tsp minced fresh
ginger (powdered) 1/8-tsp 1-tbsp fresh

H herbs, dried 1-tsp 1-tbsp fresh
herbs, fresh 1-tbsp 1-tsp dried
honey 1-cup 1 1/4-cup sugar and 1/4-cup water
horseradish, fresh 1-tbsp 2-tbsp bottled

I Italian seasoning 1-tsp 1/4-tsp each, dried thyme, marjoram, oregano, and basil

K ketchup 1-cup 1-cup tomato sauce + 1/2-cup sugar + 2-tbsp vinegar

L lemon grass 1-tbsp 1-tbsp lemon peel
lemon, juice of 1-whole (medium) 3-tbsp lemon juice
lemon juice 1-tsp 1/2-tsp white vinegar
lemon pepper   6-tbsp black pepper + 2-tbsp salt + 1-tbsp lemon zest dried + 1-tsp garlic powder
lime, juice of 1-whole med. 2-tbsp lime juice

M marshmallows, mini 1-cup 10 large marshmallows
mayonnaise, for salads 1-cup 1-cup yogurt, sour cream, or cottage cheese pureed in blender
milk, whole 1-cup 1/2-cup evaporated milk + 1/2-cup water
milk, sweetened condensed 1-cup heat the following ingredients until all are dissolved; 1/3-cup evaporated, 3/4-cup sugar, 2-tbsp butter
mint leaves, fresh chopped 1/4-cup 1-tbsp dried mint leaves
mustard 1-tsp dry 1-tbsp prepared mustard

O onion powder 1-tsp 1/4-cup fresh onion, chopped
onion, small chopped 1/4-cup 2-tbsp dried minced onion

P parsley, dried 1-tsp 3-tsp fresh, chopped
peppermint extract 1-tbsp 1/4-cup fresh mint chopped
pimento 2-tbsp 3-tbsp fresh red pepper, chopped
poultry seasoning 1-tsp 1/2-tsp ground sage +1/2-tsp thyme + 1/2-tsp rosemary
pumpkin pie spice 1-tsp 1/2-tsp cinnamon + 1/4-tsp ginger + 1/8-tsp allspice + 1/8-tsp nutmeg

R rum 1/4-cup 1-tbsp rum extract + 3 tbsp of liquid from recipe

S savory 1-tsp 1/2-tsp thyme + 1/2-tsp sage
shortening, melted 1-cup 1-cup cooking oil (only for "melted shortening")
shortening, solid 1-cup 1-cup minus 2-tbsp lard or
1 1/8-cup butter or margarine (reduce salt of recipe by1/2-tsp)
sour cream 1-cup 3/4-cup buttermilk + 1/3-cup butter
or 1-cup plain yogurt
or 1-cup pureed cottage cheese
spearmint extract 1-tbsp 1/4-cup fresh mint, chopped
sugar, white 1-cup 1-cup firmly packed brown sugar or 2-cups sifted confectioners sugar
sugar, confectioners 1-cup 3/4-cup granulated (not for baking)

T tapioca, quick cooking 2-tbsp 4-tbsp pearl tapioca, soaked
tapioca, quick cooking for thickening 1-tbsp 1-tbsp flour
tomato juice 1-cup 1/2-cup tomato sauce + 1/2-cup water
tomatoes, canned 1-cup 1 1/3-cup cut up fresh tomatoes, simmered for 10 minutes
tomato sauce 15oz can 6oz can of tomato paste + 1-cup water

V vanilla bean 1/2-bean 1-tbsp vanilla extract
vinegar, rice 1/2-cup 1/3-cup white vinegar + 3-tbsp each water and sugar + salt to taste

W Worcestershire sauce 1-tsp 1-tsp bottled steak sauce
  Worcestershire sauce
"to make Gluten-Free"
  1-tbsp gluten-free soy sauce + dash of hot pepper sauce + dash of lemon juice + pinch of salt

Y yeast, active dry 1/4oz 2 1/2-tsp dry yeast
yogurt 1-cup 1-cup buttermilk, or 1-cup cottage cheese blended smooth, or 1-cup sour cream

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