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Lesley’s Chewy Granola Bars

½-cup butter
½-cup evaporated milk
½-cup honey
½-cup brown sugar
1-tbsp vanilla
Dry Ingredients
2-cups toasted oats
1-cup all-bran buds cereal, or Fibre 1 cereal
¼-cup oat bran
¼-cup flax seed
¼-cup wheat germ
½-cup dried diced apple
½-cup banana chips, broken into small pieces
1-cup dried cranberries
½-cup slivered almonds
½-tsp salt
1-tsp cinnamon

Spray a 9x13 inch pan with non-stick vegetable spray
Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside
Combine butter, sugar, and honey in a wide shallow saucepan
Simmer over low heat
Raise temperature to medium and bring to a boil
Reduce to medium low and simmer 5 minutes until slightly thickened
Add milk and caramels
Simmer a few more minutes
Add vanilla and then remove from heat
Pour into dry ingredients and mix well
Pour into pan and pat down firmly
Cut into bars and wrap individually with plastic wrap
Store in refrigerator