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SNACK RECIPES: Black Bean Quesadillas

1-cup canned black beans, drained
2-tbsp diced green onions
2-tbsp diced seeded red bell peppers
2-tbsp diced peeled red onion
2-diced jalapeno peppers
1-tbsp lime juice
1-tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
1-clove garlic, crushed
4-flour tortillas
1-cup grated Monterey Jack cheese

Mash black beans in a small bowl
Stir in green onions, red pepper, red onion, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, cilantro and garlic; set aside
Place a tortilla shell in a nonstick skillet over medium-high
Spread some of the bean mixture over half of the shell and top the half with cheese
Fold the tortilla shell in half to enclose
Cook 2 minutes than gently flip to cook the other side
Cut into wedges and serve with sour cream and salsa