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Crab Tortellini
8-oz crab meat
4-oz ricotta cheese
2-egg yolks
2-cloves garlic, minced
6-oz grated aged cheddar cheese
2-tsp chopped fresh parsley
Salt & white pepper to taste

1 1/2-cup evaporated milk
1/2-cup chicken stock
2-tbsp butter or margarine
1-clove garlic, minced
3/4-cup minced onion
2-tbsp flour
5-oz grated 4-year old white cheddar cheese
3-tbsp chopped fresh parsley
Couple dashes of lemon juice

Wonton wrappers cut into rounds or left square

Crab Tortellini

In a bowl, combine all filling ingredients, mixing well
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed
Making the tortellini:
Put a tsp of the filling in the centre of each wonton wrapper
Brush the edges with cold water
Fold the circle in half to enclose the filling
Press the edges firmly to seal
With the sealed edge out, place the folded circle over the index finger
Bring the ends together toward each other under the finger, turning the sealed outer edge up to form a cuff
Pinch the ends together firmly
Let them dry for a few minutes on a floured surface before cooking

Melt butter in a large straight sided sauté pan
Add garlic & onion, sauté 1-2 minutes until softened
Sprinkle with flour and stir to incorporate
Add evaporated milk and thin with chicken stock; as much as needed for your liking
Remove from heat and add cheese, stirring to melt
Season with salt & pepper, and a couple of dashes of lemon juice

Boil the tortellini in water for 5 minutes, drain
Place tortellini in a large saucepan
Cover with sauce to coat; there may be leftover sauce, but goes well served over vegetables another day

Serves 2-3