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Sausage Grinders & Stuffers 5lb sausage stuffer 5lb Sausage Stuffer
All stainless steel 5 lb Sausage Stuffer for the home user - no rust - ever! The streamlined design of this vertical sausage stuffer saves valuable counter space while allowing you to stuff sausages with a minimal amount of exertion.
15lb sausage stuffer 15lb Sausage Stuffer
All stainless steel 15 lb Sausage Stuffer for the home user. Base and removable cylinder are made of stainless steel Frame is welded cold roll steel, electroplated with nickel Piston is easy to clean food-grade plastic with pressure relief valve Equipped with 3 plastic stuffing tubes ; 11/16" for breakfast sausage, 7/8" for Polish sausage and 1 1/4" for large salamis
Deni 3200 Professional Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder Deni 3200 Professional Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder
This machine will grind 3 pounds of meat per minute using the coarse grinding plate and is easy to assemble and clean. Unit has three grinding plates and three sausage stuffers.
Eastman Outdoors Sausage Stuffer Eastman Outdoors Sausage Stuffer
Make quality sausages at home with ease! This 5lb sausage stuffer allows you to quickly extrude ground meat into casings, includes three sizes of stuffer tubes
Panasonic MK-G20NRW Panasonic MK-G20NRW Meat Grinder
Comes with various cutting plates and sausage stuffers

Michlitch Sausage Making Kit
The kit contains a 5 pound capacity stainless steel stuffing horn, a "how to" hand book on making sausage and jerky, Michlitch's own Yankee Style Breakfast Sausage Seasoning, Bratwurst seasoning and Italian Sausage seasoning plus enough natural hog and sheep casings to mix up 10 pounds of each sausage blend
Universal Sausage Stuffer
Original heavy duty cast iron sausage stuffer.

Frankfurter & Bologna seasoning mix Frankfurter & Bologna Complete Mix
Perfect old fashioned hotdogs and franks, ring bologna or bologna loafs every time. Add packet to ground meat products. Comes with complete instructions.
Fresh Polish sausage mix Fresh Polish Sausage Mix
A complete spice blend that creates excellent Polish Sausage. Just add to 10 or 25 pounds of meat
Kielbasa mix Kielbasa Mix
Complete Mix for perfect fresh or smoked Kielbasa. Just add to meat and add cure if you plan on smoking.
Weiner mix Weiner Mix
A complete mix for 10 or 25 pounds of meat.
Hi Mountain Bratwurst Sausage making kit Hi Mountain Bratwurst Sausage Making Kit
The Hi Mountain Bratwurst Sausage Making Kit is perfect if you love the taste of fresh homemade bratwurst! Each kit contains seasoning, cure, casings and complete instructions on how to make these great homemade sausages
Other Cut resistant gloves Cut Resistant Gloves
  • protects your hands
  • no lacerations
  • will puncture

Extra Small
Extra Large

Keep all that sausage from getting freezer burn!
FoodSaver Premier Series V1205 Vacuum Sealing Kit
The FoodSaver Premier Series V1205 Vacuum Sealing Kit from Tilia keeps food fresh up to five times longer, prevents freezer burn, and locks out air and moisture. Easy to use, the home-vacuum system removes the oxygen from food items and seals bags and canisters with a one-touch system
FoodSaver Vac 840
  • Food stays fresher longer in freezer or fridge
  • Two-level seal control for all food types
  • Vacuums out air that causes food to spoil
  • Hands-free operation
  • Bags are re-sealable, reusable and dishwasher safe