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3- bunches fresh basil (about 2 cups leaves)
2-tbsp pinenuts
1-tbsp oil
2-cloves garlic
Salt & pepper
1/4-cup olive oil
3-tbsp grated Parmesan cheese

Place oil and pinenuts in a small saucepan
Cook over low heat until pinenuts are golden; drain immediately
Place basil leaves, pinenuts, peeled garlic, salt and pepper in food processor
Process until mixture is finely chopped and smooth
With processor still going, add olive oil in a thin stream
Process further 1 second
Turn basil mixture out into a bowl
Add the Parmesan cheese and mix until combined
Serve over your favorite pasta

Serves 4-6
Pesto freezes well: do not add cheese when freezing
Add cheese after pesto has thawed