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Chicken with Vinegar

1-tbsp. vegetable oil
1-tbsp. butter
1-3 lb. chicken, cut up
Salt & pepper
6-cloves garlic, peeled
6-tbsp. tarragon vinegar
2/3-cup dry white wine
28oz.-can tomatoes, drained & chopped
2/3-cup whipping cream
1/4-tsp. sugar
1-tsp. Dijon mustard

In non-stick skillet, heat oil & butter over med-high heat
Season chicken with salt & pepper
Brown on all sides 10 min.
Add garlic; cook 2-3 min.
Add vinegar & cook until almost evaporated
Stir in wine & tomatoes
Season with salt & pepper & sugar
Simmer, partially covered 25-30 min.
Remove chicken
Strain cooking juices through sieve into saucepan, crushing garlic & tomatoes into paste
Boil over high till syrupy (5 min.)
In small bowl combine cream & mustard
Add to liquid in saucepan
Boil till thick and creamy (2-3 min.)
Pour over chicken

Makes: 4 servings