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White Choco-Loco Cream Pie

Sent in by chocojunkie, Thanks

1-chocolate 9-inch baked pie shell 
1-small package of white chocolate instant pudding & pie filling mix 
1-8 oz container of frozen whipped topping, thawed 
10-oreo cookies 

Place 5 out of the 10 Oreo cookies in a zip lock back, making sure there is
minimal air in the bag
Crush them with a meat pounder, or however you choose to crush them
Set the remaining Oreo cookies aside
Make the white chocolate pie filling according to the instructions on the box
Mix in the crushed Oreo cookies
Dump the pudding in the pie crust, taking care not to break the crust (if it breaks, don't worry... it still taste's great!)
Spread the whipped topping on top of the pudding
Garnish with the remaining Oreo cookies